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Couples Therapy Retreats

Piecing together the heart

Couple’s Therapy Retreats

A couples therapy retreat is most typically a two or three day couple’s intensive in Neil Rosenthal’s office, typically lasting 6 hours a day. It is normally chosen for one of four reasons:

First, because you need more intensive relationship counseling in order to help stabilize your relationship or keep it together. There may be several reasons for this. It may be that you’re trying to recover from an affair or a betrayal of trust, or that there is so much anger in your relationship that you can’t talk about or resolve issues anymore—or that if feels that your relationship may be headed toward a divorce/break-up if you don’t do something fast, effective and in-depth.

Second, if you live out of town, and therefore repeated sessions over time would just be too difficult or inconvenient. Easily, more than 50% of the couples who do one of Neil’s couples counseling retreats come from out of town, and most typically stay at a nearby hotel.

Third, if one (or both) of you are not sure you want to remain together, but you need to co-parent or work together—and therefore have to be able to talk and negotiate effectively with each other.

Fourth, if trust has been ruptured and you need it repaired as quickly as possible. You may not have the luxury of going to couple’s counseling for weeks on end to fix what’s wrong. You may need a more intensive couples counseling retreat in order to repair what’s broken.

But the vast majority of couples who enter a couples counseling retreat do so in order to work through problems, issues, conflicts or hurt feelings in order to kiss and make up—figuratively and literally.

What Does A Relationship Counseling Retreat Consist of?

The specifics of what couples therapy retreats consist of is hand-crafted to the issues, conflicts or concerns in your relationship. We might work on “intimacy skills,” such as good communication, good listening skills, conflict resolution, problem solving, negotiation, benefit of doubt, trust, affection and romance—to name a few.

But a counseling retreat will also include intensive assistance with specific problems or emotions unique to your relationship. The goal is to eliminate or reduce the power of those issues, or to forge agreements between the two of you so that those issues are reduced or eliminated entirely.

How Much of Neil Rosenthal’s Time Will We Get in a Couples Therapy Retreat?

In a couples counseling retreat, you will have Neil Rosenthal’s undivided attention and expertise all day, for the entire time we meet. It becomes your own individual retreat exclusively for the two of you. It is a powerful and effective way of strengthening the connection, building the communication and addressing the issues in your relationship. You will receive Neil Rosenthal’s focused uninterrupted time. A couples therapy retreat offers your relationship the opportunity to make significant progress in a short period of time.

Can I Expect Lasting Positive Change From a Couples Therapy Retreat?

That’s our goal. One way the two of you can help yourselves achieve what you want in a couples enrichment retreat is to create a list of goals you would like us to address, fix, strengthen or resolve. Bring these goals into the first session, so that Neil can be sure to address your intentions, wishes and desires throughout the entire retreat. Neil may also guide the two of you in an exercise that will help you to create a relationship vision into your future.

Are Relationship Counseling Retreats Only for Couples Who Are Going Through Major Problems?

A relationship enrichment retreat does not have to be focused on problems or issues. Oftentimes a couple will enter a retreat because they want to strengthen the bond, increase the affection, deepen the romance and build the connection stronger between the two of them, and a retreat is most often the quickest way to achieve those goals.

A couples counseling retreat also makes for a perfect gift for couples desiring to enrich and intensify the love, the passion, the romance and the connection between them. For newly-weds or engaged couples—as well as long married couples, a marriage enrichment retreat can be an excellent gift.

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