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Marriage Therapy Retreat

Marriage Counseling Retreat

A Marriage Counseling Retreat (also known as a Marriage Therapy Retreat or a Marriage Enrichment Retreat) normally lasts 12-18 hours, spread over two or three days. These sessions take place in Neil Rosenthal’s office, where you will receive Neil Rosenthal’s uninterrupted time and expertise. The two of you may feel the need for something more intensive in order to repair what’s going wrong in your relationship way more rapidly than ordinary marriage counseling sessions offer you.

But just as commonly, people who live out of town often choose to have their own private marriage enrichment retreat because it is difficult or inconvenient to come back for repeated sessions.

What is a Marriage Counseling Retreat?

Neil Rosenthal will hand-craft the learning activities and exercises to the topics, problems, anxieties or disputes keeping the two of you from having a closer relationship. Often in a marriage retreat we work on repairing such issues as hurt, anger, communication skills (especially when you’re angry or arguing), compromising, repairing betrayals of trust, reconnecting (or deepening the connection), increasing affection, endearments, romance and eroticism—to identify some of the more common subjects we cover.

But a marriage counseling retreat will also include specific problems or conflicts that are in your way and preventing you from having a warmer, closer and more intimate relationship. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate those problems or issues, so we may employ activities or exercises such as anger resolution, repairing breaches of trust, improving communication, deepening the relationship, apologies, forgiveness resolving conflicts and reconnecting.

Does Neil Rosenthal Conduct a Marriage Therapy Retreat, or Is It One of His Aides?

This will be your own retreat exclusively for the two of you—in order to resolve the issues and strengthen the bond in your marriage. A marriage therapy retreat (or marriage enrichment retreat) will permit the two of you to repair major issues, disputes or conflicts in a short period of time, where you will receive Neil Rosenthal’s time, knowledge and experience exclusively.

What Will a Marriage Counseling Retreat Offer Us?

So frequently a couple who has been together for a while slowly loses their close bond, their friendship, the excitement of being together and their passion with each other. Over time conflicts, disagreements, hurtful words, angry fights, threats, betrayals of trust and emotional withdrawal damage the closeness, the connection and the bond between them.

One of the most positive and enduring results of a marriage therapy retreat is the renewal of closeness and connection between the two of you, and the opening up of communication channels. Neil will teach you powerful ways of effectively communicating with each other, as well as valuable and compelling techniques in how to work through and resolve conflicts, disagreements or hurt feelings.

Our goal is for your marriage to regain the connection, the trust and the closeness you no-doubt once had, and to strengthen the bond between you. Neil’s intention is to help the two of you regain hope, closeness and connection for the future of your relationship.

Would A Marriage Enrichment Retreat Fit Us Even Though We’re Getting Along Well?

A marriage enrichment retreat (or marriage therapy retreat) is not always centered around conflicts or disagreements. Frequently couples come to a marriage counseling retreat because they want to deepen the connection, the closeness and the intimacy in their relationship, and a marriage therapy retreat offers those more quickly than weekly marriage counseling appointments can.

A retreat also makes a perfect gift for pre-marital couples, for newlyweds or for long married couples desiring to increase their compatibility with each other, as well as strengthening the passion, the closeness and the intimacy in their relationship. For non-married couples, a couples therapy retreat offers very similar benefits as a marriage counseling retreat.

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