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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is for the treatment of sexual dysfunction when there is no medical reason—or in conjunction with medical treatment. The symptoms may include low sexual desire, differing sexual appetites, performance anxiety, a lack of sexual confidence, painful sex, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low libido, to name some of the most typical symptoms.

Sex counseling can be done as part of marriage or relationship counseling, or it can be done meeting with each of you separately and individually.

Sex Therapy Because of Anger, Emotional Distance, Disconnection or a Breach of Trust

Sexual issues that do not have a medical cause are most commonly the result of a loss of connection between partners, feelings of betrayal, a loss of romance, anger, hurt, feeling disconnected, feeling disrespected, not feeling safe with your partner and a growing emotional distance between the two of you as a couple.

A poor body image may also contribute to a reluctance to engage sexually as well, leading to the feelings that you aren’t attractive enough to take your clothes off in front of someone else, or that your partner will reject you if you do. In regards to this fear of rejection or a poor body image, this most likely will become a part of our sex counseling, either as part of couple’s therapy or individually.

What Does a Sex Therapist Do?

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Neil Rosenthal has worked extensively with issues involving sex counseling or sex therapy for couples, because sex is such an important part of almost all romantic relationships.

The goal is to look at how Neil can assist the two of you in reconnecting, in resolving the conflicts between the two of you and in addressing the distance—in order to help the two of you to reconnect—and then to re-romance each other. So often, reintroducing (or increasing) affection and touch will function like an aphrodisiac, bringing physical connection back into your relationship. But very often, long-standing conflicts, hurtful words/behaviors or breaches of trust need to be addressed (and resolved) before your relationship will sexually function well again.

Sex Therapy That Has Medical Causes

Sex therapy with medical causes most frequently involve vaginal dryness, the atrophy of vaginal muscles and poor circulation, leading to a loss of sexual function or painful sex. Prostate problems can also be a prominent cause, as well as surgeries, medications and vascular, physiological and neurological problems. The loss of testosterone (in both men and women) may also be a contributor. Neil does not fix medical issues. MDs do.

If there are medical issues causing sexual malfunction, it has been my experience that there is some emotional fallout that often impacts sexual self-confidence and sexual performance. That becomes another area of exploration in our sex counseling. Your doctor will attend to the medical issues, and Neil will offer the two of you sex counseling so you may resolve the relationship issues in the way so the two of you can be a happier couple.

Can You Do Sex Therapy Alone, or Does it Have to be Couples Sex Therapy?

Yes, sometimes the problem or the difficulty lies with one person only. It therefore becomes sex therapy for an individual, instead of sex therapy for a couple. However, it may be wise to eventually integrate your partner into our sex counseling, so s/he can be more aware and sensitive to the issue.

Is Seeing a Sex Therapist Completely Confidential?

Like all my therapy sessions, couples sex therapy is completely private and confidential. I am a marriage therapist and a relationship specialist, and sex is almost always an important part of an intimate relationship. If there is a way to fix what’s in your way, I will do everything I can to do so.

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