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The following is a continuation of ideas about how to deepen a relationship.  Take turns talking together about your feelings, concerns, wishes and expectations regarding:

  • How much effort do you expect each person to give to the relationship?  How should it be dealt with if one person feels the other isn’t making much of an effort?
  • What’s fun to you?  How could you expand your notion of what’s fun?  What role should having fun or play have in your relationship on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
  • What helps you to feel loved, valued and cared for?  What assists you in feeling close and connected?  What interferes?
  • Of what priority are travel and vacations to you?  The frequency of travel?  Where you wish to travel to?
  • How important is neatness, cleanliness, appearance and personal hygiene to you?
  • What priority does work take in your life?  What priority should it take?  What happens when one person feels the other is too consumed by work—or that the relationship is becoming subordinate to and less important than work?

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