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Do you have a guarded heart?  Do you have a wall around your heart that prohibits genuine intimacy, even with the people you love and feel closest to?

Take this quiz to find out:

  • Do you get angry a lot with your mate, even over small things?
  • Do you tend to be mistrusting, only to discover that your mistrust is largely groundless?
  • Are you frequently sarcastic?
  • Are having an affair, or do you have a history of affairs?
  • Do you tend to focus on your mate’s shortcomings or bad traits more than his/her good traits?
  • Do you berate your spouse for making mistakes, and do you use mistakes as leverage against him/her?
  • Do you have the tendency of pushing away intimacy and closeness when it’s offered to you, but then wanting it when it’s not offered?
  • Have you been accused by your partner—or by a previous partner—of being emotionally unavailable or remote?

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