White Knight

You remember the tales, don’t you? About the knight in white armor rescuing the damsel in distress and carrying her off into the sunset. Are you a male (or a female) white knight? That is, do you have a pattern of rescuing intimate partners? Take this quiz to find out.

This quiz contains 10 true/false questions and takes about 2 minutes to complete. Your responses are confidential.

My partner made me feel idolized in the beginning of our relationship.
I have to be extremely watchful of what I say or do, lest I upset or anger my partner.
I feel that the responsibility of managing my life, together with my partner's, all rests on me.
I have stayed in relationships out of a sense of guilt or worry about my partner.
At the start of the relationship, I saw my partner as dangerously exciting or exotic.
Often I know better than my partner what is best for him/her.
People don't realize that I am extremely self-critical.
I often disregard my own needs to focus on my partner's needs.
I often feel that my partner doesn't appreciate all that I do for him/her.
I look back on many of my relationships and realize I have been rescuing my partners.

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