Self-conscious woman

How self-conscious are you? Take this quiz to find out.

This quiz contains 14 multiple choice questions and takes about 2 minutes to complete. Your responses are confidential.

When talking with strangers, I tend to avoid looking at them in the eyes.
After I have a conversation with someone, I often go over in my mind everything I said and how I think I came across.
I become uncomfortable if I notice someone is looking at me.
It would make me feel uncomfortable if I were the first to arrive or the first to leave a small party.
I often compare myself to celebrities.
I worry about how my figure or physique looks to others.
I am sensitive or embarrassed by my weight.
I feel uncomfortable with my overall appearance.
Before I leave home, I’ll look in the mirror and make sure that I look OK.
I would never spontaneously get up from my seat and dance at a concert.
I would be very nervous if I had to make a speech in front of other people.
It makes me feel nervous if someone acts loud or angry in a restaurant or a grocery store.
I would feel especially uneasy if I learned that the CEO himself was conducting the job interview for the job I was applying for.
I would feel especially sensitive if I felt something was noticably “wrong” with me, such as having acne, a small chest, a bald spot or some other noticeable problem with my appearance.

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