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Want to fall in love? Here is a set of questions designed for you to take a promising or hopeful relationship to the next level.

I should state that these questions require someone else’s active and willing participation, and it helps enormously if both of you are sexually and/or sensually attracted to each other. Also, both of you must be unencumbered with other romantic attachments so that you are available for a love relationship.

With that in mind, sit facing each other, and look into the other person’s eyes as the two of you share your answers to the following questions. Assume there will be multiple answers to each question:

  • What assists you in feeling close and connected? What interferes?
  • What are the biggest priorities in your life? Where does an intimate relationship fit into these priorities?
  • When you become irritable, short-tempered or hard to be around, what would you like me to say or do? What should I not say or do?

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