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The following are a continuation of the guidelines for how to decide which of your issues are deal breakers—and when you’d be better off leaving a relationship instead of staying in it:

  • When you feel poorly treated. Poor treatment can come in many forms:  disrespectful behavior; knee-jerk reactivity; too much anger, mistrust, or jealousy; or not enough TLC, nurturance, and affection—to name a few.  Poor treatment almost always entails one person not valuing how the other person feels and therefore not behaving in ways that allow you to feel cherished, valued and respected.
  • Very little affection and/or sex. Affection and sex are the glue that keeps couples feeling close and connected with each other. Ditto if you are no longer sexually attracted to your partner—or your partner has no real sexual interest in you—and you find that intolerable.
  • Dishonesty/lack of trust. It’s hard to trust someone who doesn’t act trustworthy—or who has deceived, misled or betrayed you in the past—or who is secretive, hidden, or withholding of personal information.

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